Our Products

Our Products

Timber Blinds

Natural, Earthy, Elegant

Timber blinds, offer you the best light block out, thermal insulation and a heritage atmosphere and feel. We supply timber blinds in a huge array of colours and finishings. Timber blinds bring a refreshing slice of nature to a business premises, a warm and cosy feeling to homes and cafes and are a very popular choice all round.

Holland Blinds (roller blinds)

Smooth looks, perfect fit, assorted fabrics, colours and opacities


Holland blinds provide complete block out or sheer screen, which is about 50%, allowing some of the light in while retaining a decent privacy screen. You can even get a double system allowing for either or both depending on the time of day and season.

  • Full blockout
  • View screen (sheerview – half visibility)
  • Double view (both blockout and sheerview)

You also have the option of a side chain control system, and of course any fabric colour or design you want.


Real timber, real insulation and added security.

Plantation shutters are classy practical and energy efficient, they also provide that beautiful provincial statement both from inside and outside your home. We supply and install shutters in raw timber, stained, painted or in PVC like-timber. They provide great ventilation and perfect ease of use. They come in bi-fold, single and paired arrangements and can be used for windows and doors like.


External, shade provision and thermal control with great looks

External awnings are the perfect solution for windows that require some extra protection from the elements - particularly western sun and southern rain. Windows and doors on the northern side of homes that have no eaves can also benefit greatly from external window coverings and awnings.

No matter what kind of internal window coverings you use, when the western sun hits them, some of the heat stays inside the room. The only way to eliminate this problem is to block the sun before it passes through the glass. This will save you lots of money on air conditioning those rooms in the summer afternoons. 

Other outdoor areas become oasis of shade when we install one of our long-reach cantilever awnings. They can even be motorised with automatic wind sensors so that they retract before any storm damage can occur.

Glide Panels

Ultra chic, ultra flexible

Glide panels provide a very modern blend of long vertical lines, and the flexibility of partial privacy in horizontal regions and layering. Select privacy from one angle to stop the neighbour peering in, while you still enjoy the view of the garden, cover the complete window for the evenings or stack the panels all the way back for maximum openness. We supply an array of colours and fabrics from full block out to very sheer.

Roman Blinds

A soft feel, silent operation, create your atmosphere

Roman blinds provide that touch of class and the biggest range of colours, prints and fabrics. Perfect for anything from beach houses to penthouses. They come with and without batten inserts and are perfect for vertically opening and vertically split windows.

Aluminium Blinds

Built to look great and last a lifetime!

Aluminium Venetians are a great balance of style, durability and affordability. They can match perfectly in with your modern decor. They don't twist or buckle and stay straight over long spans. They are also water resistant.

Custom-designed and made to measure - exactly!

At Town And Country Blinds and Awnings, we do everything. From colour and product selection, to measuring, installation and, if required, maintenance and repairs. We can safely say that they will fit perfectly, function perfectly and last longer than generic mass-produced products. Also don't forget, we've cut out the middle man. we're not merely installing for some showroom, we are bringing the product direct from the manufacturer to your window frames, so you will find our prices remain very attractive - just like our products.